Clearanail – a simple solution to a complex problem

For many years, podiatrists worldwide have been challenged with the common problem of fungal nail infection (onychomycosis). Traditional methods of treatment are ineffective because the active ingredients usually cannot penetrate to the whole of the infection. For the patient, this means months or years of unsightly and sometimes uncomfortable nails.

At last, there is a simple solution to this complex problem: Clearanail is an innovative, brand-new concept, which has been developed using the latest technological advances.

Clearanail is an exciting new device based upon Controlled Micro Penetration (CMP),which empowers podiatrists to make micro pathways through the nail plate, without penetrating the nail bed. This creates deeper access into the areas of infection rather than just the surface of the nail, for the subsequent application of a topical treatment solution. This in turn leads to clearing of the infection in a shorter time.

The Longueville Clinic Podiatry & Chiropody can offer this revolutionary treatment, which guarantees results over conventional methods,  to their patients.

  • At The Longueville Clinic we can now reach fungal nail infections safely and painlessly:
  • A breakthrough in the treatment of fungal nail
  • One quick and single procedure*
  • Virtually painless Uses advanced Controlled Micro Penetration to allow access to the areas of infection without destroying the nail

*For  severe long-standing cases it may be necessary to repeat the procedure.