Price List

New Patient Initial Assessment and Chiropody Treatment

At this appointment your personal details and medical history are taken and an initial assessment is carried out.  Your nails will be cut and filed and any hard skin (callus) and corns are removed . Your skin is then smoothed and treatment finished with a relaxing foot massage. It is important that you remove nail varnish before attending.


New patient Initial Assessment for Foot pain

At this appointment your personal details, medical history and initial assessment is carried out.  Includes diagnosis of foot pain and rehabilitation programme. In some cases a Foot Balance assessment may be recommended and orthotics custom moulded for you in-house. It is important to bring with you shoes that you wear regularly for example trainers, work shoes, walking boots/shoes.


FootBalance Foot Analysis

Do you suffer from knee pain? Hip pain? Backache? 70% of us could benefit from the correct fitting of an orthotic insole. You may be healthy but still suffer from incorrect foot posture. The Longueville Podiatry Clinic has invested in the FootBalance system to provide you with a fast, affordable way to restore your natural walking position and a pain free, active life. First, your foot type is analysed, then your FootBalance insoles will be custom moulded to fit your feet. You will leave with your new orthotics ready to wear immediately.

Foot Analysis £15.00

Custom moulded orthotics from £70.00

Medical grade orthotics £100

Foot analysis fee waived if orthotics purchased

Follow-up Chiropody Treatment

Includes nail care, any corns or callus removed, skin smoothing and foot massage. It is important to remove nail varnish before attending.


Simply Nails

This is an economy service for ordinary nails that simply need cutting. Patients must have first had an initial assessment.


Thickened and fungal nails

Unsightly thickened nails are gently filed down with an electric file to ease pressure and make them more comfortable and manageable. A variety of topical treatments are available. Fungal nails can be lab tested for a more accurate diagnosis and treatment options.

A fee of £15 is charged for lab testing.



A quick and painless procedure for treating fungal nail infection. It creates deeper access into the areas of infection rather than just the surface of the nail. This in turn leads to clearing of the infection in a shorter time and will not cause damage to the nail bed beneath. Read more about it here.

From £125.00

Verruca Assessment

Various treatments are available for verrucae and at your appointment the different options will be discussed and advice given to determine which treatment suits you best. Consideration will be given to the anatomical site, lifestyle factors and patient suitability.

Initial assessment including first treatment £35.00 (£10 surcharge for cryosurgery)

Prices for follow-up appointments will be given at your assessment and will depend upon the treatment plan.

Nail Surgery Package

A permanent solution to problem recurring ingrowing toenails. A minor surgical procedure carried out to the highest clinical standards with the use of local anaesthetic. A full nail surgery package including 3 dressing packs and two follow-up appointments. We pride ourselves on being a centre of excellence for nail surgery.

From £250