Nail Cutting Service

New patients to the clinic must first have an initial assessment. After this first appointment, it may be that all that is needed for subsequent appointments is a nail cutting service. Whether it’s because you simply can’t reach your nails to cut them, you have difficulty seeing, or you have a medical condition such as diabetes and would prefer your nails to be cut professionally.

Corns and callus removal

Corns are generally caused by friction or pressure and can occur on the soles of the feet, in between toes and on top of toes. Using a surgical scalpel, the hard skin on top of the corn is removed and the corn is then cut out (enucleation).

Callus and hard skin can also be removed using a surgical scalpel. The skin is then smoothed using a moore’s sanding disk.

Thickened and fungal nails

Nails can become thicker as we get older for various reasons but most commonly it is because of previous trauma to a nail. You may find thickened nails very difficult to cut yourself. If this is the case, we can help. If nails become discoloured, it can sometimes be because of a fungal infection. Minor infections can be treated with topical solutions.


Clearanail is an innovative way of treating fungal nail infection which has been developed using the latest technological advances. It is an exciting new device based upon Controlled Micro Penetration (CMP) and which allows podiatrists to make micro pathways through the nail plate – without penetrating the nail bed. This creates deeper access into the areas of infection rather than just the surface of the nail, for the subsequent application of a topical treatment solution. This in turn leads to clearing of the infection in a shorter time.

Read more about it here.

Verruca Treatment

The verruca is a plantar wart caused by the human papilloma virus. The virus is found on damp, hard surfaces therefore it is commonly picked up at swimming pools and public changing areas. Anyone can pick up the virus and we see people of all ages with verrucae. Verrucae can be very stubborn and difficult to treat because there are so many strains of the virus and everybody is different. We offer a variety of treatments including Cryosurgery (freezing). At the initial assessment the options will be discussed and we can choose which treatment suits you best.

Foot and leg pain diagnosis

Assessments are also available for foot and leg pain including a rehabilitiation programme. In some cases insoles may be prescribed.